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Design Tips

  1. Use ONLY CMYK color mode when create artwork
    The use of other color mode such as RGB and Pantone will cause an inaccurate color output.

  2. Avoid setting color tints (toning) lower than 10%
    Lighter shades usually print much lighter than they appear on screen and you may disappointed with the outcome

  3. DO NOT set black colour to (C=100 M=100 Y=100 K=100)
    Too much ink coverage may result in sheets sticking together and caused text or image to look blurred, avoid using SUPER BLACK on small text as due to ink spread.

  4. In order to make your tint/toning effect more obvious, make sure the value between color are at least 10% of difference

  1. Ensure all the images are in CMYK color mode.

  2. Ensure all picture resolution are set to or above 300 dpi

  3. Scanned line/art/black & white images resolution are set to or above 1200dpi

  4. DO NOT manipulate your images using a layout program*.
    You are advised to manipulate your images using Adobe Photoshop, resolution and size (Dimension) are inversely proportional to each other, which means when you are enlarging the image in layout program, you are in fact lowering the resolution.

  1. Minimum font size “ 4 pts
    During printing process, minute misalignment can cause the 4 separate CMYK inks to overlap imperfectly in small text and make them look blurry.
    When you are working on small text, avoid :
    1. White text on a color or black background
    2. Light color text on a white background
    3. Font types that have thin lines

  1. DO NOT set line weight less than 0.25pts.

Common artwork problem :

Problem Solutions
Missing font Ungroup all objects/text and curve/create out line/path all fonts
Artwork contain line weight less than 0.25pts Set line weight above 0.25pts
Color tints (toning) contain less than 10% Ensure all color tints are set to 10% above
Artwork contain C=100 M=100 Y=100 K=100) Set color to SUPER BLACK (C=60 M=40 Y=40 K=100)
Artwork contains Pantone/RGB color mode Ensure all images/color mode in CMYK
Artwork contains low resolution image Ensure all images are set to or above 300dpi
Background design not expanded to Full Bleed Expand background design to full bleed, or can our ready design template for download.
Wrong artwork size Please use our design template or refer our product size
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